FAQ - Vagisan Cremolum

FAQ - Vagisan Cremolum

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How does Vagisan Cremolum work?

Vagisan Cremolum melts after insertion in the vagina and forms a smooth, soothing cream. This alleviates the symptoms in the vagina.

Does Vagisan Cremolum contain preservatives, fragrances or colourants?

The Vagisan Cremolum pessary is free of fragrances and colourants and contains no preservatives.

How often should I use Vagisan Cremolum?

You can adapt the frequency of application to your personal needs. The Cremolum is usually inserted into the vagina once a day (e.g. in the evening); you can reduce the frequency after one to two weeks – to approx. 2-3 times a week. We recommend wearing a panty liner when using this product.

Can I use Vagisan Cremolum during pregnancy as well?

Vagisan Cremolum is safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Can I use Vagisan Cremolum before intercourse (does it damage the condom)?

No data shows that Vagisan Cremolum can cause such impact.

My partner and I would like to have children. Can I use Vagisan Cremolum?

No data shows that Vagisan Cremolum can cause such impact. You can use the Vagisan MoistCream from the tube even if you wish to conceive, both in the external genital area and in the vagina. Sperm motility is not affected.

I am in menopause and suffer greatly from vaginal dryness. How long do I have to use Vagisan Cremolum until the symptoms go away completely?

During menopause and in the years after, vaginal dryness is caused by decreasing hormone levels. Vaginal dryness is therefore not likely to "disappear" but will rather remain. Regular use of Vagisan Cremolum , which adds soothing lipids (fats) to the skin in the vagina and external genital area is comparable with skin care for your face and hands. Through regular use, you help your skin stay soft and supple.

I have breast cancer and have to take anti-hormone treatment. Since then, the skin in my genital area has become very dry. Can I use Vagisan Cremolum?

Yes, Vagisan Cremolum is also suitable for women who need to take medication for the treatment and follow-up treatment of breast cancer. Please consult your gynaecologist.

Is Vagisan Cremolum also suitable for young women? I am 20 years old.

Vagisan Cremolum is suitable for all women who suffer from vaginal dryness, regardless of their age.