FAQ - Vagisan Protective Ointment

FAQ - Vagisan Protective Ointment

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Does Vagisan Protective Ointment contain preservatives, fragrances or colourants?

Vagisan Protective Ointment is an aqueous preparation and it therefore contains a preservative (benzyl alcohol) to protect the ointment from contamination and ensure a longer shelf life. Benzyl alcohol has a slight almond scent and is therefore also used as a fragrance. There are no other perfumes / fragrances in Vagisan Protective Ointment. No colourants have been added to the ointment.

I react allergically to many ingredients in cosmetic products. Can I use Vagisan Protective Ointment?

Vagisan Protective Ointment is generally very well tolerated. Unfortunately, isolated intolerances cannot be ruled out. You will have to test the product to find out if you tolerate Vagisan Protective Ointment. If you have a known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients, then you should of course not use the product. Compare the ingredients of Vagisan Protective Ointment with your allergy card.

Does Vagisan Protective Ointment leave residue on clothing?

Vagisan Protective Ointment contains quite a high concentration of soothing lipids but the ointment can be washed out of clothing and underwear as it does not contain zinc oxide.

Why is it useful to use a protective ointment that is breathable?

Non-aqueous ointments are good at keeping moisture away from the skin. However, they tend to form a tight film on the skin, a build-up of moisture underneath this tight film can be the result. Vagisan Protective Ointment keeps moisture away from the skin but lets it “breathe” without any build-up of moisture.

Can I also use Vagisan Protective Ointment during pregnancy?

Yes. Vagisan Protective Ointment can also be used in the external intimate area during pregnancy.

How should I apply Vagisan Protective Ointment?

A thin layer of the ointment is applied to and spread on the regularly affected areas in the external intimate area. A pea-sized amount each in the front and in the rear intimate area is fully sufficient, for example.

How frequently should I apply Vagisan Protective Ointment?

The ointment can be applied 1–2 times a day, or more frequently if required. Application is recommended especially

  • AFTER washing
  • AFTER using toilet paper
  • around the anus BEFORE and AFTER a bowel movement
  • BEFORE sporting activities
Can Vagisan Protective Ointment also be used on children?

Yes. Vagisan Protective Ointment is a very well tolerated product.

I use Vagisan MoistCream. What is the difference?

Vagisan MoistCream is used to alleviate the symptoms of vaginal dryness (e.g., feeling of dryness, burning, itching, pain – including during intercourse). Vagisan MoistCream can be used both in the external intimate area and in the vagina. Vagisan Protective Ointment , on the other hand, is only used in the external intimate area to protect the skin from moisture and chafing as well as to soothe skin that is already irritated.

Can I use Vagisan Protective Ointment as a lubricant before intercourse?

No. Vagisan Protective Ointment is not intended for use as a lubricant. The ointment should also not be used immediately prior to sexual intercourse when using latex condoms, since the tear strength of latex may be impaired by the ointment.

After opening the tube, a little oil leaks out. Does this mean the product is spoiled?

No. Slight oil leakage at the neck of the tube is not a quality defect; it is a property of the product caused by the addition of the nourishing oils.