Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Moisturising Cream 50ml

Expiry: Jun-2025

Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Moisturising Cream is a smooth, white cream developed for use against symptoms of vaginal dryness. It:

  • Does not contain hormones (estrogens)
  • Contains a high water content, which moisturises the skin within the vagina and external genital area
  • Helps to prevent irritation of the vaginal and external genital area
  • Can be used before sexual intercourse to alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness
  • Can be used alongside hormone replacement therapy or with vaginal creams or pessaries that do contain hormones (estrogen)
  • Helps to maintain a healthy pH of 4.5 within the vagina, due to the addition of lactic acid


    Unlike a water-based preparation (gel), Vagisan MoistCream is a cream. Creams always have a soothing lipid component in addition to a high water content.

    The smooth, white cream does not contain hormones (oestrogens) and can therefore be used together with hormone replacement therapy or be alternated with hormone-based (oestrogen) vaginal creams or pessaries. Through the addition of lactic acid, the pH value of the cream is 4.5 and, as such, Vagisan MoistCream helps to maintain the natural acidity (pH) in the vagina.

    Regular use Vagisan MoistCream can help to prevent irritation and inflammation in the vagina and external genital area caused by dryness.

    Vagisan MoistCream can be used prior to sexual intercourse. As the cream does not affect sperm motility, it can also be used while trying to conceive.